Womanist Herbology

A Live online class, not likely to be repeated, for all Sistahs that are undercover Healers and need to have a guide to move their Healing Power to the forefront of their Life.

Most of us have a 'difference' about us that has always been evident.

I know I was the "White Sheep" in my family, because I always did things crazy different.  Always over the top, I was..

I still am and I'm totally fine with it now, but back then, I was always looking for my 'tribe'...

I was totally fine spending my time riding my bike or digging in the dirt or pulling seeds and flowers from unusual trees & bushes.

I love using a magnifying glass to look at bees, ants, flower buds, rocks and other natural phenomena...

The public library was part of my favorite natural phenomena.

After a time that I spent all my childhood examining the details of nature and had been taught how to garden by my Uncle Bayman....I graduated from high school and I headed to California from Flint, Michigan and now I was really in my natural habitat.

Going to Herb stores with jars and jars of herbs, Essential oils and books was my favorite way to spend a Saturday.

Once, I realized that I had a natural talent for memorizing and creating herbal blends, I first applied that knowledge to popcorn seasonings for  my popcorn shop, "Just Poppin'" and later to little bags of healing for friends and family.

The people in the Herb Store "got me".  They knew who I was because they were me at one time before they found

"Herbal Knowledge" and information.

It was here that I recognized my journey, even though it had began in my Uncle Bayman's garden years ago.

I know many Sistahs have this same experience not knowing why they have this herbal healing pull and interest, but not having a place to put it or exactly what to do with it..

I believe that Womanist Herbology can fill that void.

I'm going to say right now that if you don't take this class, please don't look for it to come back around.

Some things we have been preparing for a good while and when we see it, we must jump on it or lose the chance.  At least in that form.

I know me....

I pay attention to my cycles & seasons and they change, when they do, I do...

Go to the Womanist Herbology page for more info and tell some Sistahs...they are waiting for this..

Dr. HerbSistah