Herbal Soap Making Class
Herbal Soap Making Class

Herbal Soap Making Class

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Let's Make Soap!  This Class Is Back by Popular Demand! 


I get this question at least once per week , "Are you giving a Soap making class soon!?"

Once registered I will send you a list of easily accessible supplies that you need to buy..

November 28, 2021 at 12noon

or December 11, 2021 at 12noon

 12 noon to about 3pm.

Make sure that there are no little children around.  This fact right here kept me from making soap for years because I didn't want to kill my kids...hahaha

Your supplies should cost you about $100-Max!

This class can be shared with another adult for an additional fee of $100.

What you will learn:

*The Herstory & Science of Herbal Soap Making.

*Strategies of using Herbs in Your Soap

*How to sell and market Herbal Soap

*The skill and blessing of making mistakes

*Best Sources for your Soap supplies

*Setting up your Soap spot/room/corner