66-Day True Detox LifeStyle Challenge!
66-Day True Detox LifeStyle Challenge!

66-Day True Detox LifeStyle Challenge!

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I work!

I have to think in detail and my nerves have to be refreshed, restored and reliable.

This is most of us...right? We all work and most of us are in traffic.

We deal with tons of people daily and have families to support and problems to solve.

All the time.

Get your body into a Lifestyle that supports all that you do, not just a fad for 30 days.

This is not a "Fad Diet" or the 30 day start that everyone wants to think is all that they need.

This is really what you need when you look at the science behind habits and how our bodies work.

There are many 30 day Detox Challenges coming up, but, 30 Day is the just the beginning.

Just in terms of habit formation it takes 66 days of concerted effort to create a new routine in your life.

The 21 days to create a habit was created, then, co-opted from Dr. Maxwell Maltz from his book "Psycho-Cybernetics" and there he said, "21 Days or so.."

Of course, the "or so" eventually fell away and it turned into 21 days.

Current research says that it takes 66 days to form a habit.

And in Natural Health using herbs and foods to get to the root of energy, brain, bowel, skin, womb, blood, issues in an adult, 30 days is just the beginning!

Dr. HerbSistah has combined her unrivaled skill of herbs & programs with 2 compassionate, skilled experts to create the 66 Day True Detox Lifestyle Challenge.

It will truly change your Lifestyle if you avail yourself of our over 80-plus years of expertise and our success in healing!


*Parasite Fiber Dewormer

*TWO 64oz Herbal Tonics (any 2 of): Herbally Lemony Green Detox or Full Body Sarsaparilla Detox or Womb Detox

*Essential Fatty Acids

*Special Herbal Brain/Bowel Detox Blend V-caps 


*Herbal Detox Soap

*Tooth & Gum Powder

* Private FB community

* 66 Day True Detox Lifestyle Challenge Zoom Calls to support your journey:

Sunday, January 5th Our beginnings Zoom Call!

January 19, 2020 at 8PM EST - Check-in

February 9, 2020 at 8PM EST - Check-in

Celebration of Completion and Acknowledgements on March 22, 2020 at 8PM EST.  Specialty Awards given out to participants!

Colonics Required, but not included.

Dr. HerbSistah Detox Program requires that you do Colonics and Dr. Kim B is the one of the best with over 25 years of personal service. Her number is: (770) 761-6255

Everyone on this program will receive special pricing.

We have also united our energies with Chef Eboni Joy, a spectacular Atlanta Vegan Artist of delicious food, where you can buy 66 days of incredibly mouth watering recipes. Her number is: (404) 518-6828


 66 Day True Detox Lifestyle Challenge translates to 10 weeks of CONSISTENT TRANSFORMATIVE ACTION as a group with the support of our community. Journal your changes and best efforts to changing and loving your Life!

Some of the effects of Detoxing week-by-week.

Week 1 - Thick mouth feel, Body odor, Cravings, Lethargy, Water Loss

Week 2 - Improved Energy & Digestion, Better BM's, Fat Loss

Week 3 - Increased Fat Loss, Inflammation reduced, Hormones Balances, Increased Brain Function

Week 4 - Increased Motivation, Kick-Ass Energy, Better Sex, Muscle Change

Week 5 - Sustained Energy, Increased Creativity, Better Sleep,

Week 6 - Incredible Sex, Flexibility, Circulation.

Week 7 - Creativity Increased, Better Menses Cycle, Weight Loss.

Week 8 - 2 to 3 BM's daily, Energy, Weight Loss, Less Appetite

Week 9 - Incredible Sleep, Vision increased, Body Odor reduced, Nails Stronger.

Week 10 - You a Bad-Ass! You Can Do Anything! You are a Success!

This is LifeStyle! You will:

* Feel Better

* Look Better

* Have More Energy

* Lose Weight

* Increase Body Muscle Composition

* Balance Your Hormones

* Be in community

* Increase Your Brain Function, Awareness & Understanding

* Reduce Chronic Issues

* Eliminate Gas, Bloating, Constipation

* Enjoy Your Life