The Herb Box - A Monthly Box of Exclusive Seasonal Herbal Wellness

The Herb Box - A Monthly Box of Exclusive Seasonal Herbal Wellness

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I Listen...everyone wants access to this exclusive membership, so it will now be called "The Herb Box" that gives you access to some of my exclusive products that are not on the public market.   I have created over 1000 for Women, Men, Teens and Kids! Don't miss this exclusive membership.

I have been creating Herbal Wellness for well over 30 years and I created over 1000 herbal formulas and have much that is hidden and goes unexplored.

But, no more!

This is the place where all of my secret formulas and creations past, future and present will be made available to help those committed to their seasonal healing and self-care.

Living with the seasons wellness

The Herb Box teaches, informs, inspires, enhances  and connects you to Your Herbal Seasonal Wellness for only $59 billed monthly, plus shipping.

Family program available for $79 monthly.

So, after signing up, you will received your Herb Box directly from our office in  Atlanta every month. 

These sensational herbals have been created for a special events or are brand newly inspired herbals.

They are available only for THAT month and are not exchangeable. 

Some months will have additional products available for purchase and sometimes not.  Some of these herbs are very expensive to create and only a limited amount will be made.

You can also be on auto-ship for other herbals and they can be shipped together.  The goal is to have it to you by the 10th of each month however please know that we are not amazon (yet, lol) and we hand make every single herbal from our lab to your home.

30 Day Notice to Cancel in writing by email to

This offer is for a limited time and can close, change at any time!


September - Elderberry Tonic

October - Thieves Tonic

November - Herbal Hygiene & Herbal Detox Soap Balls

December - Damiana Dancer - Sexual Enhancer

January - Parasite Detox Special Edition 

February - New Season Love Detox

March - New Season Spring Forward Energy Detox 

April - Cruise Detox

May - Nerve Builder Detox

June - Summer Chillin' Hibiscus

JulyNew Season Spring Detox 

August - Back to School Detox Box

There will also be unique and private events and streams, just for you and The Herb Box Family!

*Amazing Talks by Unique People dedicated to your Health! (Chefs, Fitness Practitioners, Energy Wellness, self care and so much more!)

*Incredible one of a kind products and special offers