My 30-Day Womb Detox Challenge

My 30-Day Womb Detox Challenge

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True Self-care requires that you know what your Mind, Body and Spirit needs.

Nourishing and detoxing your Womb is the core of your being and therefore the core of your Self-Care and in my humble opinion, your foundation must be strong to make your Life Work!!

This Womb Detox Seminar has been a lifeline for women that need to make changes to avoid surgery, reduce the excessive bleeding and have their body ready for great sex!

This is the weekly 30 Day Womb Detox seminar...all other options are a la carte (purchased separately)  If you need food/recipes and lifestyle support.

Herbal Program you need here:

 What you get:

*Weekly Womb Detox Seminar

-Text support

 -Food Tips 4 Detoxing

 Your Participant special priced Herbal Education Consultation.