Testimonials!!!! During Womb Love Wellness Month

Testimonials!!!! During Womb Love Wellness Month

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Calling all the Sistahs!

Calling ALL The SISTAHS!!

If you are a Plant Sistah, an Herbal Mommy, a Fibroid Birther, a Detoxed Womb, the Crazy Bleeding has stopped or any of the other Womb issues that Sistahs can have and you used Dr. HerbSistah's Womb Detox Systems...we want you!

On Tuesday, February 16, 2021, during Womb Wellness Month, we want to hear your story...we want you to tell it during our expanded session!

Send us an email thru the blue button on the sit and let us know that you will and we will schedule you in..or email us at HerbSistahCustomerService at gmail.com

Let us know by Sat. Feb. 13th by 5pm..