WombLoveOLogy Certification FALL Training 2020

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Women are Creators!

WombLoveOlogy Certification Training is a Creative Journey on understanding how to empower Sistahs in Healing their Wombs!

The research of Dr. HerbSistah is gathered and in this 7-week lively on-line course from October 8 - November 19, 2020.

Learn from Dr. Eshe Faizah that has empowered thousands of Sistahs in healing their Wombs and bringing forth their desired children, goals, and creations!

Gain insights that are not commonly known that can assist you in understanding how you create and sustain healing.

Week 1 - Foundations of the issues in our tissues.

...Want to know more? Register for the informational September 10th 2020


Have a great herbal day!

Dr. Eshe "HerbSistah" Faizah