Zaire Sabb joins our Womb Love Healing Circle this Wed., Feb. 24, 2021

Zaire Sabb joins our Womb Love Healing Circle this Wed., Feb. 24, 2021

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February is the month of love, so this February let's practice Womb Love!

Learn from a panel of world-renowned experts and speakers every week as we dive into the expansive array of knowledge from Wise Women.

Who could possibly be more qualified to teach us about our bodies than ourselves?

We will be covering every topic from womb massage to womb herbs and womb-loving foods.

Receive knowledge on how to detox your womb, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Understand fertility as you never have before. Join us for our own unique Womb-erciseprogram with your very own Womb-A-Loop™. Register now!

8pm EST on Tuesdays and Wednesdays...Dial in to (404)566-9688 Must be Pre-registered.


Our Teachers:

Tuesday, Feb. 2nd  - Chef Femi Natural & Raw Chef

Raw Goddess Femi is a well-seasoned celebrity raw vegan chef from the heart of Atlanta, GA. She became vegan and then totally raw as a teenager! Loving the amazing benefits of a strictly raw food diet and also enjoying warm vegan dishes, these days she likes to mix the two styles with an emphasis on the raw side of things. Her brand is built on a life lived and cultivated organically growing up in one of the largest urban farming communities down South. As an organic raw vegan chef and teacher, her ultra-feminine ways with deliciously pure ingredients are both flavorful and elegant, as well as low fat and easy to digest. Femi's specialties are prepared with only the highest vibratory organic fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Inspiring and teaching others the gift of how to create food that nourishes the body and excites all the senses is her mission.

Wednesday Feb. 3rd - Dr. Kim Moore Blassinggame "Dr. Kim" - Naturopath & Colon Therapist

"Dr. Kim" has 35plus years Professional experience in the Wholistic Health industry. She has held positions as Staff Naturopathic Practitioner in Medical Centers. As a Wellness Life Coach & Seminar Presenter for Rockdale Coalition for Families. The Founder of Intergrated Wellness Services. She is also the founder of many Health & Wellness Practitioners Courses. She has been a Health Column Staff Writer for The Dallas Weekly and a Research Contributor on Alternative Health for Alzheimer's and Dementia with Emory University. She also is a Biblical Family Counselor specializing in Women's Health.

Every Wed. "Wise Woman Wiley"---Life reasons for your Journey!

Tuesday, Feb. 9th - A'je Wu-Ra -SweetSpot VTox Boutique

Aje’ Wu-RA is a Inner Spirit Health and Wellness LifeStyle Soul Coach, a Certified Holistic Womb Wellness & Reiki Practitioner, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, Executive Visionary of The SweetSpot VTOX Boutique An Art of Wellness Studio, and The New HeelSpace Detox Lounge and Tea Bar Kafe’  Womenpreneur founder of Blissful Pleasures Company and The Let’s Make Up Mind Body and Soul LyfeStyle series

Wednesday, Feb. 10th - Ellae Ellinwood


From her Celtic ancestors, Ellae inherited the gift of great inner sight and
faith. She is a well-known teacher of optimum health and well-being --
spiritual, emotional, and physical. Ellae has consulted privately with
thousands of clients and offers classes in the US and Canada. to support
practical, effective, personal growth. As an evolution of her extensive
background and commitment to the Earth, she is now teaching and
demonstrating how you can be a voice for earth and how the earth can
support you. Helping Earth Re-balance (HER) is an innovative series of
classes, seminars, and Ellae was an instructor of Hatha Yoga privately and
at colleges, universities, and fitness spas throughout Southern California.
Ellae pioneered a program teaching Yoga to the elderly in convalescent
homes that was nationally televised: Forever Young, A New Health
Approach to Our Aged. She has also been a student and teacher of Touch
for Health, and has training in body-based therapies including Bioenergetics
and the revolutionary BodyNamic work of Lisbeth Marcher.


Tuesday, Feb. 16th - Your Testimonials

If you have a good testimonial and can tell it in 5 minutes..we want you on this program!  All of our Herbal Mothers, Fibroid-Birthers, Plant Sistahs, and any success that you've had with Dr. HerbSistah and the many programs that we have offered in over 30 years!  Your time to shine!

Contact us at with your story!

Pictures welcomed! 

Wednesday, Feb 17th - Dr. Eshe Faizah "Dr. HerbSistah" Naturopath, Master Formulator & Herbalist, WombLoveOlogists

Dr. HerbSistah will discuss the Emotional Aspects of Womb Healing...

-The Good Girl Syndrome

-Generational Curses

-Womb = Heart

And more!  Tell your Sistah-Friends!


Tuesday, Feb. 23rd - Reid Forester, Womb Massage

Reid Forrester is a metro-Atlanta based holistic care practitioner with a lifelong interest in unearthing ancient time-tested wellness therapies and sharing with/empowering individuals in their quest for healing and caring for their bodies. She has studied a wide array of wellness practices from around the world and specializes in fertility, pregnancy, and overall alignment & detoxification of the body.

Wednesday, Feb. 24th - Zaire Sabb, Mother, Healer, Herbalist, RN, Traditional Midwife and Iyanifa. 

Her ultimate goal is to integrate plant-based, allopathic, nd spiritual medicine in order to rebalance the womb, heart, and spirit.  Her professional history involves being a Critical Care RN specializing in Pediatric Cardiac Transplants as well as a clinical researcher for the FDA and is a clinical educator for new RN’s. She also has participated in medical missionary work in 4 different countries. Zaire is also a Traditional Midwife with a focus on complicated/high-risk pregnancies, where her passion and training as an herbalist comes full circle. Herbal studies include training and apprenticeship with Patricia Kristi Howell of Botanologos, Popoola Bankola Adenkunle at Ceiba Wellness Center in Nigeria, and with Chief Adsenia Olatunji- Aresa with the International Green Circle in Ibandan, Nigeria.