10 Building Herbs for Women

As a Naturalist/Master Herbalist/Formulator, Women always ask me to give them suggestions on the best herbs for Women.  I have several dozen herbs that I love and work with daily, but with the women that I have the opportunity to work with, my first concerns are:

1.    Re-Building the Blood to reduce the bleeding and increase the healing.

2.    Re-mineralizing the System to reduce bleeding and energize the system.

3.    Calming the spirit and the nerves.

Here are my top 10 herbs to paving the way for all of this to happen.

Alfalfa Known as “The King of Herbs” and is a wonderful blood-builder.  It really helps get your numbers up without digestive distress or constipation.  Alfalfa has all of the minerals possible within it, because the “roots of Alfalfa grows down to 100 to 125 feet into the soil in search of minerals and nutrients.” *   Alfalfa restores the body’s energy and detoxifies the tissues.

Kelp – The ocean version of Alfalfa, Kelp is an infection-fighter and has all the Minerals necessary for Life. Good for increasing digestion, feeding the nerves, increases bowels, increases metabolism, and feeds the thyroid, the hair, skin and nails.  Great for pregnant women.  Kelp is another great herb for the entire family.

Raspberry – An astringent herb that is good for reducing bleeding, balancing the nerves, tightens and strengthens the uterus, strengthens uterine walls , while relaxing uterine muscle spasms and cramps.  An ideal herb for reducing morning sickness and increases a new mother’s breast milk. Raspberry is high in minerals, such as Iron, Manganese, Calcium Phosphorus, Silicon, B-Complex and Vitamins C &  E.    Also, an effective herb for colds, flu, coughs & sore throats and because it is an astringent, easily stops diarrhea. Also good for sty’s of the eye.

This herb is another “must-have” for your Herb Cabinet.

Kava – This traditional Pacific Island herb is great for relaxing the body and nerves and promoting a good, restful sleep.  Good sleep is where the real healing takes place.  Also, known as an aphrodisiac. (Because you are so relaxed)

Nettles Rich in minerals to build blood, reduces bleeding, builds milk, helps with headaches, vertigo, boosts immune system and moves out old mucus.  Also, good antiseptic properties in Nettles use for falling hair, dandruff, and hair root rebuilding.  The astringent properties are noted in helping with diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids and skin issues.

Spirulina – Great source of Minerals, protein, EFA’s , Essential Fatty Acids, which help to balance hormones and amino acids which help to rebuild skin, nerves and cells.  Great blood builder and energizer, relieves PMS.  Spirulina has 50 times more Iron than Spinach.  If you could only choose 1, this is it!

Mint – Mints are an aromatic stimulant, that helps with gas, heartburn, nausea, and are relaxing to the spirit.  The family of mints include Peppermint & Spearmint, they are good topical healing for skin issues, like bug bites, stings, itchy scalp and healing sores. Good for reducing breast milk production and stops excess menses bleeding.  (Catnip is part of the Mint Family, but needed its’ own recognition)

Cramp BarkThis herb is just what the name implies, it is very good at relaxing the body of cramps and spasms.  It also reduces menstrual bleeding, uterine pain, ovarian pain and has been said to reduce the possibility of miscarriage.  Also, Cramp Bark is a great nervine (relaxes & feeds the nerves) and relaxant.

Chasteberry – This bitter herb regulates and normalizes hormone balance, which can normalize menstrual flow, spotting and cramping. Can also help with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and helps improve Breast milk production.

Has been known to be an anti-aphrodisiac and reduce sexual desire.

Ginger – A daily cup of warm Ginger tea will not only help eliminate gas, bloating, indigestion and food poisoning, but it will also help with spasms, nausea and reduce inflammation throughout the body.

An added bonus is that Ginger increases metabolism, burns fat, will help to increase body energy.

If you can keep you body supplied with good food and herbs it will be more resistant to persistent or little issues.

The key is not to wait until something happens, but to be pro-active and always be doing food/herbs/exercise for your body. Just helping to increase your circulation and feed your body energy, so that it can handle everything is the basis of good health!

Reference: Anti-Aging Manual, Joseph P. Marion, 2003, 3rdEdition, Information Pioneers Publication

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