Good Herbal Day! I am Dr Eshe Faizah:

I’m known to many across the globe as ‘Dr Herb Sistah’. I’m a  Naturopath, Master Herbalist & Formulator, Organic Master Gardener, Counselor, Kinesiologist, Author,  and Creator of WombLoveOlogy the system of Revolutionary Womb-Wellness




I have taken my craft to the likes of the Tom Joyner Cruise, The Natural Hair Health, The Womb Wellness Conference and to colleges all over the nation. In my over 25 years as an herbalist, I have created 350 herbal compounds and a myriad of specialty treatments which have helped single women, single men and families with issues surrounding their reproductive organs. Issues such as virility, erectile dysfunction, heavy menstrual bleeding (menhorrhagia), fibroids, infertility, healthy pregnancies etc.

I teach the wisdom of our herbal elders and in doing so I hope to, save countless Sistahs from the pain of hysterectomy, help our Brothers regain their sexual confidence, help families bring children into the world and empower the world to heal.

I understand that so many of us have gone through years of pain with no recourse, and no way to deal with it except with an onslaught of toxic and expensive drugs, and by accepting some level of dysfunction in our lives, but I want to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time to heal….



Dr. HerbSistah