5 Ways Herbal Soap Making Changes You! Class Coming Up! August 20th!

I don't know what else I could have learned to beat knowing how to make Soap!

If you don't know how, you must learn!

I'm a Crafter! 

I like to crochet, knit, garden, paint, and do all kinds of projects, but, making Soap is my Crown Jewel!

You will love being able to quickly give a gift that anyone would cherish, just by giving them a healthy bar of soap!

So, get your Holiday gift-giving handled right now, by learning Herbal Soap Making this Summer!

You won't believe how it will change your Life!

5 Ways How Herbal Soap Making Changes You!

  • Herbal Soap making is a meditation...

Pushing the liquid soon to be soap around and around in the bowl, just stirring it, is mesmerizing and soothing all at the same time.  You are able to get into your deeper thoughts and actually see your way on certain things.

  • Herbal Soap making is a release....once you get all your items together, you breathe a sigh of release because your flood of ideas and meditation is upon you..
  • Herbal Soap making is Creative!  There are many colors, shapes, aromas to be experimented with in the realm of Soap making. Your Herbal Soap will and should take on a energy of its own and every single batch is different!
  • Herbal Soap making is exciting!!  How many of us have something that we can make many of our own rules...(Except-Respect the Lye!) is the constant understanding, everything else is whatever you want!!
  • Herbal Soap Cutting is a satisfying soothing bit of energy that makes you extremely Happy!!  It makes you realize that you deserve a New Bar of Soap every time you have a Soap cutting session!
  • Herbal Soap Making now has pushed you to become knowledgeable on skin and ingredients for healthy Skin! People seek your advice on what to buy for relatives, babies, scars, and much more. You definitely tell them the Truth and when you don't know, say so, but, it drives you to learn something new daily...and the stories that you receive on how your soap has helped folks is very satisfying!

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