Don't Be Mad...That's what I tell myself when I didn't start...I'm telling You now...

You know those times that your instinct tells you to do something and you put it off!

Then, you're mad!

I've done it...

We all think we have more time than we truly have...we think next week..

or after my wedding (Wow...

or once the kids get out of school...

or after my vacation...

or once I get my Taxes...

I've heard every reason and I've had more than a few myself..but, BUT, Guess What!!!

Your body doesn't wait for you and is not on your artificial schedule..

Your body needs what it needs...and we all been eating "comfort-style" because we have endured a collective trauma...and still are, if the truth be told..

But, we have to give a F*ck about our longevity, energy and our happiness! 

We have too!

Yes, we can eat whatever we want and I have been eating the F*ck outta some blueberry muffins...I have a little blueberry belly now and I don't like that..

So, I, I, have to do what I know a Detox!

I ride my bike for an hour & a half daily, but, you need to move the toxins, yeast and waste, at a larger than daily level...that is the ultimate solution.

I just had a regular customer tell me, "I'm over here getting fat, my clothes are fitting tighter, I need my juice!" LOL...he stays on "His Juice", Sarsaparilla Full Body Detox for years and it works to keep his weight balanced!

Buy a Program with the discount code, "DontBeMad"...Yep, because you are gonna be mad if you don't do something before the Fall and that is only in a short time...

Summer goes fast! Do Something when its' easier, because we eat less and move more in the summer!

The Season will help you make the change!

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