How are You Feeling Now?? I was addicted to Twitter!

Some of us are feeling trapped by the constraints of our new life in dodging the Corona Virus...Covid 19 has changed our world!

We honor & mourn those that have given their lives and we work diligently to stay safe and keep our families safe.  Doing that requires mental and physical effort and so many of us are just tired of it!  Are you??

What routines are you doing to maintain your mental health and freshen up your life, safely?

This Spring and Summer, I painted the outside of my house and set up a raised bed garden...I was very so happy with my Hippy Porch which also doubles as our
"Herbal Pickup Spot!" 

This is the place where y'all pick up your herbal orders if you've made those prior arrangements.

I also bought paint to redo every room inside and that is still to be done, but, I'm keeping Hope Alive! LOL!

I've been thinking of what we can do differently to make our lives hopeful and exciting in the face of continued lock-down! 

This entire time of Corona/Covid-19 is a time for us to question &value what has been our life and to shake up that which is already quite shaken. 

We can do things differently!

Resetting our Hope after Corona is where we are now.

Values & goals rejuvenation is something we all need to recognize as do-able and go in that direction.

We can start simply, as I did, when I was booted off of Twitter and realized that I truly did have a "Twitter-addiction" and that being banned was my message to use my time differently. I started using my hands to crochet, rather than scroll thru Twitter. It was hard for the first 2 or 3 days, which let me know, "Yeah, you got a problem, Sis!" 

I'm good now..haven't gone back and actually I feel better.

What types of habits have you built during Corona that you need to release.

What are some your goals that you need to rejuvenate?

On December 27th, I'm going to do a  Zoom presentation on

"Rejuvenating Myself 2021"

I'll keep you updated, but, bottom line, we have to take care of ourselves.

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