If You Are Enrolled as a "Herbal Soap Maker" -Read.

Great Herbal Nite, Herbal Soapers!

Just a bit of news to make your Herbal Soap Making calm and serene.

It can be.

Making Herbal Soap can take you into a serene flow...

We are setting up a "Herbal Soap Makers" GroupMe.

In our "Herbal SoapMakers" group, we will answer questions, show off our latest creations & share industry soap updates!


* Pay your $100 Deposit. (Non-refundable) and receive your "Herbal SoapMakers Supply List"

*Live Class will be via Zoom on July 23 at 12Noon.

*Thereafter you can take the Pre-Recorded class.

Once you register, you get added to the "Herbal SoapMakers" GroupMe.

This is Fun!! Serene! In The Flow! 

Herbal SoapMakers!!

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