Mental Detox

Everything in Life begins in the mind. So does Detoxing.  You want to be healthy and Live longer and this is just one of the things that you are willing to do to make this a reality.  

·      You are bigger than those donuts and Big Daddy’s Rib Shack and you can control what you eat, think and do.   Write out several positive statements or affirmations on “who” you truly want to be during this time and carry them with you and read them throughout the day. This reminder will get you back to your center and to your larger purpose.

·      Eliminate Junk - TV, Junk Radio, Social Networks, Computer Time, unless absolutely necessary for your job.  T.V’s that stay on all of your waking hours, and fill your mind with worry.  And the worst thing is to fall asleep in front of the T.V. It fills your subconscious with so many negative thoughts and that you act upon without realizing it…the worst type of toxin is subconscious.  The subconscious is the seed.  Have you ever sang a song, over & over again, in your mind and really didn’t even know the words?  You’re just going “Laa-la-la-hmmm…hmm-oh yeah…”     Begin to move waste from your mind, negative news & energy from negative people, until you can eliminate them. Many of the things that we allow in our mind are not for our “Highest Good” and are very disposable.  If you miss it, well, there will be another “hot mess” waiting for you in a few minutes. Stress is a major contributor to all of our major illness and “dis-ease”.    I’ve worked with Women that have heavy cycles, or migraines, all directly related to work-place stress. All of this confusion overwhelms your Spirit and wears you down, exhausts your mind and body, in fact, its’ called “Data Overload” 

 According to Dr. Lynda Shaw, a Neuroscience & Psychology Lecturer at Brunei University, “When we are inundated with emails, Twitter, Facebook, Social Media, Search Engines, like Google, its’ as if we’re expected to know more than we actually do, and we can’t retain that level of information, that bombardment. When we feel overwhelmed, we start to delay makingdecisions.”…When you Detox, your body requires a release from these so that you can totally release all of Life’s toxins…and begin anew.

The Solution

Spend time in Prayer and Meditation daily, so that you can hear your “still small voice” or “Inner voice”.  This voice keeps you connected to your Heart, Soul and what you truly know that is important to you…You want to hear this…this is the rudder to your Life.  Buy or make a special Journal to capture your ideas and thoughts. Use a Book that is Spiritual to you, that has the wisdom that you can connect to and enhance your imagination and give you the freedom to feel that everything is possible and that gives you Joy!  Your “A-ha” moments will come to you after you release the noise and you will be planting new seeds by allowing your heart-spirit to be heard and soar.  Write down all of the ideas that come to you during this time.  They are gems of the Spirit, please believe it!


Written By: Dr. Eshe "HerbSistah" Faizah | | (404) 244-5565

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