Mother's Day Thoughts...On Life & Love! Momma-Love to You!

The longer that I'm a Mother, the more I realize that "Mothering" is different for everyone, both in their personal experience and their philosophy of "Mothering".

I would hope that everyone knows the absolute goal of "Mothering" is to Love-Up your little Spirits into beings that can enjoy Life and treat others as they want to be treated.

  • -To Love them up into confidence to be ready to tackle any obstacle put before them.
  • -To Enjoy their surroundings whatever they may be..
  • -To Learn a lesson even from incidents that are not the best.
  • To realize that you must Live your Life daily without just trying to reach the end.  (My Momma used to say, "Don't wish away time, because you don't know what you're wishing for..)
  • To know, just know, that if you have friends, boyfriends or girlfriends, spouses that are not treating you good and you're happy most of the time, then you need to move forward.
  • That you will need to "Weed Your Garden" of friends and many of your Life patterns that no longer serve you from time to time. Its' called growth.
  • That Change is good...
  • That the Elder Wisdom of "30 Wise, 50 Rich, 60 Good or Never" is a good yardstick to move yourself.
  • That giving your Spirits "permission" to make mistakes and be themselves is the greatest gift ever!
  • Be the best Momma ever!!! Mine was!!  I'm always working on it!
  • Mother's Day Sale ends on Monday...


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