New Herbals Somebody Been Asking For....And Spring Allergies!!

Great Herbal Day!!

Are you waiting for your Spring Allergies to start "Clowning" you??

Watery, burning eyes, runny nose, tiredness...Not this Spring!

Let's get that over with by addressing your body detox of old mucus, while at the same time building up your body...

We have a "Spring Allergies Program" that you will be happy that you found in time and the "Sap has started running" which means any day every leaf will be on the tree when we wake up one day...And all that Pollen comes it's out there!

Try Spring Allergies Relief!!!  You'll want to Tell Everybody!!


New Herbal Programs....

**"Herbal Beat 'Betes" is a new Blood Sugar Program that will stimulate your Pancreas and give you a good Detox.

**Dr HerbSistah Speaks is available for your us for details!

**Great Blood Pressure-Stat!   A great program that I have been using for Truckers for the last 20plus years to get their blood pressure down.  They are taken off the road if their Blood Pressure isn't within strict limits.

This works for all stubborn Blood Pressure issues...



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