Secret Herbals...Your Formal Introduction...

I've created over 800 Herbals...many of them have either been dreamed...(More on that later) or I've created them straight out or for other people.

I am going to be introducing you to some of these "secret herbals"....

1.  Herbal Brain Food

Increase the function of your brain, moves brain fog, you find more energy!

2.  PCOS Tonic

Best as part of a program, but works on that womb congestion.

A nice tonic to relieve congestion.

3.  Herbal Thyroid, Tonic or Veggie-Caps

This tonic is not tasty, but effective. Also, comes as Veggie-caps and will change your numbers.

4.  Herbal Allergy

Suppresses the allergic response, works on all allergens.

5.  Herbal Castor Fusions

Part of a program, but a way to work internally to move fibrous tissue.



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