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Our first class 10+ years ago was the "Moon Cycles of Life" which was a life changing class that pulled Women into how we fit into the cycle of the Moon, the Earth and our place within the Flow.

Now, after Time, Wisdom, Research, Classes and Experience we have compiled more Life stimulating info from the stellar "Moon Cycles of Life" class and our incredible "WombLoveOlogy" course to create this course.

"Sistahs Cycles & Seasons within the Flow, is a 4 week program on Thursdays at 9pm, it is an immersive experience to understand & sprinkle you with information that will support you in your areas of womb/wombspace, physical, emotional, mental & energetic well being.

You can be outside to absorb this on your porch, patio, or grass...Yum..

Classes will be audio live on Thursdays, and available later on audio replay.

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Moon Cycles of Life-Testimonials

Moon Cycles of Life- Testimonial

"This class was an advancement for me, it gave me great direction."

"I really enjoyed the Moon Cycles of Life Class.

I especially enjoyed sitting outside on my porch, with a small group of

women on the phone, learning and sharing information about the moon and our own personal experiences.

I have incorporated the solar cycle in my life for many years.

I celebrate the solstices and equinox with my family.

This class enriched my life by helping me to be more in tune with the smaller, monthly cycles of the moon.

Information presented in the class helped reinforce concepts that I had been aware of but had not taken the time to really think about how I had been negatively affected by ignoring them.

We live in an age of artificial lights and climate and so we quickly can lose

touch with certain aspects of the seasons and nature.

This class helped me bring back and give more importance to certain concepts I valued, but had let slide out of

importance since I intuitively valued them, but didn’t have a reason I could articulate, to preserve them.

Working with the cycles of the moon, also helped me to slow down and pace myself.

It gave me permission to have “down” time to rest, rejuvenate and allowed me to have a time of introspection and planning.

I have always been interested gardening and have wanted to use the almanac but couldn’t really figure out the best way to use it.

Now I understand the almanac much better and can use it in more productive ways for my garden as well as myself.

Knowing that there is an optimum time to do certain garden tasks also helps me pace myself and separate tasks, preventing me from doing too much at once.

I can relax and wait for the best time for certain garden tasks so that my results will be better and my efforts will be not be wasted.

I’ve also used the almanac and moon phase to help me to decide when to do other, non-gardening activities.

For example, I recently used the almanac to decide when to go camping and this resulted in a great trip, near the full moon where we could really appreciate the nature around us at night, especially since we slept outside in a tent and walked on the beach at night.

We camped at a State Park and so there was no commercial development or housing on the beach.

Walking on a natural beach with no manmade lights, only the light of an almost full moon and the stars above was a unique and memorable experience.

It helped connect me to that “older” part of us that needs to be in tune with nature in order to be happy and thrive.

Nighttime and the moon are often forgotten in the modern rush of our society.

I’m thankful you reminded me to pay more attention to it.

M. N -Atlanta

                 (Based on our popular, class, "The Moon Cycles of Life")


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