That "Day" is here, I regret to say...


Originally, I set up my business, back in the 80's, to create a natural healing space for Sistahs, because it wasn't easy to find back then.

My purpose and stated goal was to relieve the suffering of families and the Women that run them by providing budget conscious natural choices to heal the family. Many folks didn't have Health insurance and the only way to correct many of the ailments, in many of our minds, was through the Doctors office. 

This is no longer the case.  Obama Care exists and almost anyone that wants Health insurance has it for a very low monthly cost.

And nowadays, everybody professes to "know", "study" or "research" natural healing and herbs...and are willing to experiment on themselves or take crazy meme advice to try to heal their bodies.

But, there are still a few stand outs in the natural healing arena and I'm blessed to be one of those...

This has been my passion for over 30 years and I raised my kids and many of yours with my Herbal Formulas with many funny stories to tell about it..

My prices have stayed about the same for much of that time, but the pandemic and the resulting wave of things means that prices must go up for us to survive.

So, we've decided to have one last special with the 64oz bottles and they will be discontinued. So, when they are gone, that size is discontinued.

There will be more changes as we "bend, so we don't break" and go with the growing pains that will enable us to survive and thrive!

I've toyed with this idea for a while, but, I'm always happy when Sistahs commit to their healing by buying 2 Womb Detoxes or Sarsaparilla's and staying with it...I know and they know, that the Womb Detox works and they will see results in a few days or weeks! (All of our herbals work! No Brag, just facts!)

It is satisfying knowing that the daily work that I and my team does, actually changes Lives for the better!

Stay tuned for more Herstory in the making!

Do continue to support us during these times so that we can continue our mission of "You Don't Have to Suffer!"

Tell your, not when you have your testimonial...Keep us going!


P.S. Come onto our Clubhouse groups every Thursday at 8pm..tell your Sistah-Friends!!

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