Throw out your pots, Sis!

We are here to enhance our Health!

So when we learn that the things that we do, the basic things are the very things that is taking our Health down, well, quite frankly that pisses me off!

We've known it intuitively for a while....that the food that we're eating and the clothes that we're wearing and the perfume, the perms, the dang-it, everything, is poisoning our bodies!

Now, we see from this research that this poison is already in our Breast milk and its' going into our babies (ADHD, anyone) and it causes Breast Cancer! Damn!

So, the first step is to take an inventory and see where we can help ourselves..

The knowledge is key, so tell everyone that you know to throw out those non-stick pots!

Reduce your use of stain-free anything from clothes to fabrics.

And what is this new mess they selling called, "Scent Beads"!

Sis, Poison!

We know washing our clothes is the best way to get rid of bad smells...what is this, mess? 

Just another way to make money...Whew-Chile!

Talk to you soon...and follow me on Instagram at Dr. HerbSistah

Video series coming soon!

Dr. Eshe

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