We are Living in 2 Different Realities, At The Same Time!

Right now, everything that I do is Pre-Pandemic and Post-Pandemic.

When I'm in a conversation and my Sistah-Friend remarks on a particular way of Life, I will say, "Pre-Pandemic or "Post-Pandemic"?

I've got more than one started expression by this comment and then, the realization comes over them, that, "Oh-Yeah, that was before the Covid deaths, masks, working from home, delivery of everything and folks divorcing cause they been not being able to stand each other, they just held on...

One more victim of the pandemic that we are all too familiar with was the crazy price of everything and the increases...

I was looking at Arnica at the wholesale cost and it went from around $65-$75 dollars to now, its $453!!! Yikes!!  All of the herbs went out of the hemisphere like that and several major Herb Suppliers Closed down permanently or were bought out & absorbed into other companies.

This is a sobering thought...in fact, if I didn't have faith in my ability to bend and adapt, I could very well disappear as Dr. HerbSistah's Herbals...but, I won't!

These herbs have helped change so many Lives around the World, that I know we wouldn't be complete without them!

But, I've been up at 2:30am (yep, that's the middle of the night) waiting for that inspiration, my intuition and a good dang idea as to how to go around this challenge, my biggest in 30 years!

I know I have to do what is being called, "the pivot"...everyone has to pivot or perish!  Pivoting is not a bad thing....its just that we all been thru so much the last 3 years and many thought we would go back to "Normal". We now know that there is no "Normal".

Change is "Normal".

Well, its' been uncomfortable for me, but, I've reached what is the 1st step in what must be done...(and y'all know all change for us is uncomfortable & big decisions happen over time, not all at once.)

So, I'm having this what I imagine is the last sale that I will have in this size bottle- the 32oz...

We're going to change everything, labels, bottle size, colors, just everything, so that we can stay here and keep changing lives!

Y'all gonna be saying, "I remember when..."


So buy now, this won't happen like this again, because Life Changes and Change is Good!

And examine your own Life and look at how you can "Pivot" to make it better!

Everything is possible with the "Pivot".

Be Well! Stay Well!



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