Womanist Herbology Coming September 30th

Womanist Herbology is designed for Women of Color that respects our contribution and wants to enhance what they feel/know/remember in their life & their family line!

Womanist Herbology was created by Dr.HerbSistah because she had a difficult time relating to the Herbalist at the time that she was learning and realized that nothing was hitting the "vibes" that she sought for her information and education.

It was bland and lifeless...it didn't have that rhythm that POC bring to everything that we do...it didn't respect the "Wisdom of the Elders" that I grew up with and it missed that foundation that coincided with the Folkways that I had in my house...

It is that sassy knowledge of Women when they know where they from and are seeking where they are going...

It is the confidence that we inherited from our Foremothers, but we can't yet connect it to our Life!

 It is the knowledge of Life passing through us, that we yearn to sustain with hands-on healing.

It is the ways of "Our Herbal Elders" that has sustained us this far and we don't the stories behind the Healing.

Learn the Ways, the Energy & the Stories...

Class Goals/Visions..

This Womanist Herbology class is Her-story in practice.

Created by Dr. HerbSistah to reflect Woman of Color needs, perspectives and energies.

What you will Learn

*Womanist Herbalism- A Whole Woman of Color approach to Herbalism.

*Learn about how the Moon affects Herbs & Bodies.

*Learn about the Her-story of Women's Herbalism Worldwide.

*Learn about Folk Herbal ways, The Wisdom of the Elders and how it relates to POC Traditions.

*Learn about The Great Cosmic Mother Cycle of Herbs and Healing.

*Learn about Doctrine of Signature

*Learn about starting your Plants & Herbal Garden Design Planting with the Moon.

*Learn an overview of the Major Herbal Practices.

*Create & Learn about major Herbal groups/organs/systems.

*Study the major 40 Herbs every woman needs to know.

Womanist Herbology also includes:

* 2 hours of on-demand videos

* Downloadable resources

* Fantastic Herbal articles

* Full Lifetime access

* Access on mobile, laptop

* Certificate of completion from Womanist Herbology


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