Yayyyyhhhh!!! 2020 is Ova!! Thank you for your Support!


I'm sure I'm not the only one that is glad that 2020 has gone! Finally!

Are you pumped enough after all we've been through, to seriously consider your 2021 with your new or updated Goals!!!

I am! 

And we must!

There have been massive sacrifices made by our Loved ones that are no longer here and we must work diligently in their name and Spirit of what they hoped to accomplish and keep moving onward and upward!  10 Family & Friends of ours have passed from Covid19!

So many of them passed quickly and unexpectedly. So much sadness is in our bones!  But, we must use that as motivation! We must!

And personally, I think we need a collective mourning and public moaning/screaming as soon as we get an all clear! 


I'm working from my Office/Lad and always thinking of how to improve what I do for you and your Healing Journey!

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Much more to come and the best way to stay informed is with our Blog, which I have committed to doing at least twice per week and our newsletter!

I have a great testimonial for you today...I have hundreds of these and I want you to see them, to motivate and inspire you...so there will be one in every Blog post!


"I didn't have any pain last month, praise God. Your Product is Amazing!"  I went from 5 to 7 days of pain to 2 days of pain by the month, to no pain last month. And this was happening every month. I'm trying to stay consistent on this product which has been amazing!"   K.T. Douglasville, GA

 And I just got this text...

"Thank you for creating this business and for helping people."

Awwwwww...sniff...you're welcome!  Its' my Purpose!

Some of the Cuzins be trying, but nothing gonna turn me around!

Look forward to an upcoming Fibroid Birthing Session on Jan. 7th, 2021!!


Dr. HerbSistah

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