Your Womb Story is Important, Sis!

🌸 Sis, knowing your womb story matters…

When it comes to our health, especially concerning our reproductive system, and wholistic healing…staying ahead of the game is KEY!
It's not about waiting for issues to rear their heads – it's about being proactive and preventative! 🛡️

When issues do come up, whether it's fertility struggles, fibroids, PCOS, excessive bleeding or those heavy cramps; knowing and understanding your womb story is essential. 📖
What does that mean?
Well, it's about delving into the depths of your family HERstory.
How old were your mother and grandmother when they hit menopause?
How many children did they have? 🤰🏽
\When did she start her cycle, what age? What age did you start yours?
How many pregnancies and children do you have?
These aren't just random questions – they're the building blocks of your womb story, your Womb Health,  the actual roadmap to understanding YOUR own body. 🗺️

Why does it matter?
Because your womb story isn't just a collection of facts – it's a treasure trove of insights into YOUR health and wellbeing. 🎁 It holds the secrets to your fertility, your hormonal balance, aging and so much more.
Your womb story isn't just about your reproductive system – it's about your WHOLE life. 💫

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