30-Day Womb Detox Journey
30-Day Womb Detox Journey

30-Day Womb Detox Journey

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Reset Your Womb Energy!

Reconnect, Remember and Learn How Your Womb Speaks to You! She speaks every single day and sometimes we are annoyed by her.  Develop your WombLove.

WombLove is Spirit Energy, you invest in you when you rebuild your core, your Womb Life energy and reconnect her to the Earth.

Reignite your True self with WombLove and become reconnected with her and remove the traditional separation of "the womb" and "Me".  You are one.

A magnificent joining of WombLoveOlogy, The Art, Science & Practice of Loving & Healing Our Wombs and the 30 Day Womb Detox Journey is set to begin - JOIN US!

This will be a LIVE interactive journey and will be womb-shaking with exquisite timeless truths.

You will need to purchase the 1st Step Womb Detox Program to get the fullness of this Journey 👉🏾 https://drherbsistah.com/products/1st-step-womb-detox-program?_pos=1&_sid=5f7716b70&_ss=r

We will explore the herstorical truths of the emotional, physical, historical ways that the treatment of Women have lead to the dis-ease of our Wombs.  


  • Four LIVE Seminars with Dr. Eshe including Q&A
  • Access to our private classroom full of Womb Detox Resources
  • A guess chef(s), Meal Plans and Best Foods for Healing Our Wombs
  • Real time support with our highly effective Womb Detox Program
  • Understanding that she (your womb) hears everything you think and say. Healing goes better with a Happy Mind.
  • Pursuing Your Dreams with the knowledge of your "Seasons & Cycles"
  • What really is going on in her, everyday!
  • The Good Girl Syndrome
  • Incredible WombLove Practices
  • Special Guest experts on Meal Plans, Yoni Steaming & Colon Cleanzing
  • Stopping excessive bleeding so it never returns!


  • Click on the "Purchase" button to initiate the purchase process
  • After completing the purchase, check your email inbox for a message from us. This email will contain instructions on how to register for the course via our private classroom powered by thinkific.
  • Follow the instructions provided in the email to register for the course.
  • If you encounter any issues during the registration process, please send an email to HerbSistahCustomerService@gmail.com with a brief description of the problem. Our customer service team will assist you as soon as possible.

We hope you have a great learning experience!Note: LIVE Seminars are on Wednesdays at 7PM EST