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If you have a special need to speak to Dr. HerbSistah about your Natural Health Goals, want to sharpen your ideas about your lifestyle and program or just want to see if what you are doing can be enhanced, this is the SPECIAL FOR YOU!

An Herbal Consultation & Education is a highly recommended service for all new customers seeking to discover and address their unique body needs. Dr. Eshe, is dedicated to providing you with an in-depth analysis of your physical, mental, nutritional, and emotional aspects of life to build your Herbal Profile.

During this consultation, Dr. Eshe will identify the root cause of your health issues and teach you what your body is trying to tell you. By examining your diet, lifestyle, relationships, and stressors, she will create a comprehensive understanding of your body's signals and symptoms. With this information, Dr. Eshe will craft custom herbal tonics and blends that are tailored to your unique needs and designed to renew your most healthy state.

Please note that custom blends may take longer to create, but this crafting time allows for a more natural flow in developing your herbal solutions. For fertility programs, the crafting time is 16 days for both partners, and a custom price for fertility consults applies.

Investing in yourself is critical, and our Herbal Consultation & Education is a great way to gain the knowledge and plan you need to achieve your health goals. Many of our clients have reported that the information they received during their consultation has stayed with them for years.

Take the first step towards renewing your health today by purchasing this service, and Dr. Eshe will reach out to you to begin your consultation.

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