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My Testimonial
My introduction to Herbsistah came, from a family member, after leaving the hospital due to my cycle causing me to bleed out at work everywhere. By the time of this event I had spent a few years going to many different gynecologists and hematologists, had all the ultrasounds possible, and had consulted other alternatives like natural healers (including an Chinese herb specialist).
I was categorized as critically anemic due to the extreme blood loss and was having regular Iron Infusions to avoid blood transfusions. I mention this to say that I had tried everything I could think of to understand what was happening with my body/cycle and spent plenty of money between health visits, completing recommended health advisement, and menstrual supplies to protect me from having crazy, embarrassing accidents during and in-between my cycles.
The only thing that I had not done yet was the hysterectomy.
Several doctors had given this recommendation and/or other variations of this procedure like partial hysterectomy and had told me that this was the only way to fix my issue and get back to a "better quality of life".
Otherwise I was told to wait until menopause....I am in my mid-30s so I would be living like this for a while without any guarantee that menopause would fix the issues.
After consulting with Herbsistah, I got started on her individualized plan for my cycle issues/extreme bleeding. It seemed like a lot in the beginning because it is a lifestyle change but I've learned that it's for your overall good.
The medical field targets a specific ailment/illness without really addressing the problems that lead to the ailment/illness.
I've experienced benefits from Herbsistah's recommended plan that go beyond normalizing my cycle and stopping the excessive bleeding.
My overall advice is to "stay the course".
It was confusing at first trying to follow the plan (herbs and eating habits) and I did not do it perfectly by any means. I still am not perfect with it but I stayed consistent with taking the herbs and making realistic adjustments. 
My body began to react and cleanse itself dramatically.
Through this difficult time Herbsistah was right there via text and calls because I did not know what was going on.
I did not understand what my body was doing and what was falling out of me.
But Herbsistah was consistently checking in, giving recommendations, pairing me with women who had already been through their journey so that I could ask questions, adjusting the herbs as needed, and providing awesome encouragement/support.
After what I call the "cleansing" phase, my cycle began to balance out and is even better than it was before having my babies.
I no longer have to do Iron Infusions.
I am living that better quality of life that doctors told me I had to wait until menopause or have a hysterectomy in order to achieve.
I wholeheartedly advise any woman that is struggling to check out Herbsistah.
Again, please keep in mind that it is a process and a lifestyle change.
I still take my herbs though my cycle is much better because that is what keeps my hormones and other systems in my body balanced through all that we juggle each day as women.
I still stay away from certain foods not just because she told me to but my body will react and it forces me to do right.
So stop suffering and avoid the surgery!!! 
Make the choice to better your quality of life and your health naturally. 
Herbsistah knows her stuff and I am soooo happy that family member brought her into my life. It was a game changer for me.
 - Ayana (Atlanta) Jan 2, 2020