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Digestive Enzymes

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These Digestive enzymes have only been available within programs


They are Private Label enzymes only available to practitioners and because of popular demand you can buy them without a program.

Many of you only have one bowl movement a day however you eat more than one meal in a day and because you are not eliminating properly you are full of undigested waste.
With all of those "missed meals", bloating and gas are going to expand in the body.  Digestive enzymes help to breakdown that waste.

Many of my clients do not realize how well they are working until they stop using them Probiotics for awhile and then...the old symptoms of bloating and abdomen issues return.

Pro Tip: Mostly every single weight loss program or product consists of some type laxative and digestive enzyme. Breaking down old waste is why they WORK.  Most people have 20 pounds (at least) of impacted waste from all their "missed meals".  

Also, you have more energy when you take digestive enzymes because enzymes create energy at the cellular level. They create energy within the cells. 

Although therapeutic doses of digestives enzymes are a part of the foundation of our womb and parasite work...they are very very necessary for everybody now because of poor diets, lack of elimination and lifestyles. 

~Dr. Eshe