Good Paps! Herbal Program
Good Paps! Herbal Program

Good Paps! Herbal Program

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It's a scary thing. 

When they tell you that your Pap is irregular, you don't know how to react.

Make this your first step in your Natural Healing.

You will do your best by eliminating sugar, Stress and excessive carbs and

working this program to your best efforts!

This is what you receive:

*Womb Detox Tonic - 2/32oz - Moves toxins from the Womb

*Enzymes - Breaks down food, fibrous tissue and helps to break down dead tissue.

*Probiotics - Adds good bacteria to the body, vaginal canal & womb.

*B-Stress- A Co-Processor for every bodily function, relaxes nerves & nerve system.

*Herbal Detox Soap- Can be used all over the body, for everyone in the family.

*Custom Herbal Vaginal Inserts

*Custom Herbal Formulation

*Ultimo44 - Antioxidant & assists in the elimination of Free Radicals which can stimulate unusual cell growth.