Herbal Beat 'Betes
Herbal Beat 'Betes

Herbal Beat 'Betes

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This Herbal Program along with Discipline, Exercise, Intermittent Fasting and Great Food is part of the way you allow your body to do its work!

This program comes with a focused consult to make sure the person is aware that no one thing changes your body, it is the combination of all things that work that make you feel Healthy and back to yourself.

You are not throwing out your Pharma meds, you are working with them until your body tells you it can do it on its own.

These are the Herbals and Support that you receive:

-Ultimo44  150   AntiOxidant that has blood sugar balancing properties

-Herbal Blood Sugar Tonic - 32oz  (2)

- B Stress

- Enzymes


-30 Day Anti-Inflammatory Recipes links

-Herbal Detox Soap