Herbal Fundalmentals Certificate Program

Herbal Fundalmentals Certificate Program

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Time to take care of yourself and your family with a basic knowledge of herbs.

Most of the time, folks have half a story when it comes to herbs.

Either somebody told them something or they read it on a grocery store tabloid and what they think they know is wrong or not enough.

Enhance your Lifestyle by understanding the fundamentals of healing and how Herbs, which are foods, work.

This 3 hour class will give you the basics of what you need to know to have a understanding of herbs.

Sign Up before September 18, 2021 - Our Program Launch date and get a special

Herb-working Gift sent to you! (Continental US only) NOT available after 9/17/21

What you will Learn:

1. Herb Properties - PDF Guide (download)

*Doctrine of Signature

*Avoidance of Allergies, Sensitivities, Hay fever, Prescriptions What You Must Know

2. Basic Human Anatomy -PDF Download

3.  Basic Herbal Friends-Herbs you can depend on

4.  How to Become an Earth-Keeper with Herbs & Your Garden -

 5. Books and Resources