Herbal SPRING ENERGY Detox Program
Herbal SPRING ENERGY Detox Program

Herbal SPRING ENERGY Detox Program

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Jump-Start Your Detox for Season Change! It is time to GET YOUR ENERGY BACK!

This Program will Kill Parasites, Detox Your Blood and get your Brain clicking like it used to!

My clients keep asking me to make my special Herbal Brain food available to the general public...My answer has been: Nope, it's too expensive...I made it for myself and I do whatever it takes to keep myself well. So after another season of their begging, I am offering my private reserve to the public for a limited time.

I'm making it available to you and you will be happy I you tried it because you will feel fabulous!

Here is the program!

1. Parasite Fiber Dewormer - Kills Parasites

2.  Herbal Lung Tonic- Clears, Supports, Strengthens the Lungs. 32oz

3.  Sarsaparilla Full Body Detox- Detoxes the blood & organs, energizes the cells. 2-32oz

4. Enzymes- Increase digestion and allows the body to extract more from your food and herbs.

5. Herbal Detox Soap - Great way to pull and draw toxins from the pores.

5. Probiotics- Adds good bacteria to the body and overcomes bad bacteria.

6.  Herbal Phenomenon - Assists in moving waste from the body.

7.  Ultimo 44 - Antioxidant,Mineral feeding herbal blend that energizes.

8.  Herbal Brain Food - Removes the Fog, increases thinking.

No exchanges please.  This program was formulated to work as is.