Herbal V Builder & Resistor
Herbal V Builder & Resistor

Herbal V Builder & Resistor

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We recognize that this Virus comes and goes...this program will build the body and move the viral material faster.

Some items in this program needs to be done by both partners.

1. Womb Detox Tonic-32oz

Purges the womb of everything not supposed to be there.

2.  Sarsaparilla Full Body Detox Tonic-32oz

Purges the full body, thru the blood stream of toxins, wastes, etc. You will notice this thru enhanced skin glow, mucus & bowel removals.

3. Anti-viral Detox Tonic-32oz

Works with the immune system in a liquid form to build and remove.

Works with the body to combat & build the body up.

4. Herbal Phallic Spray

Cleanses the penis of bacteria and other materials that could be left inside of the vagina.

5. Probiotics

Restores the body of good bacteria and builds the Immune system, bowels and Sexual Reproductive area.

6. Anti-V Cream Insert

To be put intra-vaginally to change the flora.

7.  Enzymes

Helps break down the excess scar tissue, food, waste, bacteria and other unneeded items in the body, sexual organs, stomach and blood stream.

8.  Anti-V Capsules

Formula to reinforce removal of unneeded materials in the body.

9.  Herbal Douche

To easily rinse the vagina of removed waste.

10.  Wombpositories

To use the power of plant paste, oils and synergy to effectively remove unwanted bacteria, and waste.

11.  Herbal Detox Soap

To be used all over the body to effectively cleanse without irritation.

12.  Ultimo44

A daily energizing, anti-free radical vitamin that can halt irregular cell patterns.