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This is highly recommended to any new customer. Every body is different with different needs. Together, we will discover your body's needs.


In your Herbal Consultation & Education we will go deep and uncover what has been causing your health issues.  I will teach you what your body is trying to tell you. We go over the physical, mental, nutritional and emotional aspects of your Life to build your Herbal Profile. Your diet, life style, your relationships and your stressors will all be examined. Then, I explain and discuss with your the signals/symptoms that your body is showing you what it needs. With that I will create a complete workup and understanding of the herbs that are best suited for your to put you on your way to renewing your most healthy state. We decide what herbals will work for you and I will craft fresh tonics and/or blends for your specific needs. (Herbs charged Separately)

This crafting time should flow naturally. And your herbal solutions are custom created to fit your needs. So please allow 14 to 16 days to craft your herbs.  Custom blends may take a bit longer. 

Fertility programs do take 16 days to craft for both partners.

And are at another custom price for Fertility Consults.

Purchase this and I will reach out to your to begin your consultation!

-Dr. Eshe