Kidz Parasite Deworming Program
Kidz Parasite Deworming Program

Kidz Parasite Deworming Program

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Everyone has Parasites!

I hate to sound sexist, but being a Momma of 3 Boys, I know these boys are everywhere...rubbing the banisters, rolling around on the floor, not washing their hands, picking up everything.

So they definitely need Deworming...Girls, daughter had stuffed everything in her pockets and gathered dried bugs to save...she still does this...hahaha

Deworming helps everyone by:

*Increasing the appetite for good food

*Helping one to concentrate better

*Increasing better bowels

*Clearing the skin

In this program, you have receive:

-Big Kidz Kleanze -2/ 32oz - 2oz before breakfast & dinner

-Probiotics - 60vcaps of 300 Billion

-Enzymes - 100 vcaps 1 daily

-Herbal Detox Soap wash them daily, hands, baths, faces..

A good basic program...that works!

Reduce their sugar..

Bathe them nightly.

Make sure they get outside at least some each day..

Start them on Cod Liver Oil...I recommend this one...

****Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil & Concentrated Butter Oil/Cinnamon***

Tasty & them all the vitamin D they need, aside from playing outside daily or doing yard work stuff.