Love My Whole Body Detox
Love My Whole Body Detox

Love My Whole Body Detox

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This renewed group of herbals covers everything in your entire body...

See the picture below??? A Sistah using this same set of herbals had this come out of her during her cycle.

Why?  Because this multi-dimensional formula primed the body to release  a mass of mucus & toxins the very next time a huge removal was to take place.

That next huge removal would be the monthly menses cycle.

Her bowels probably moved better and I'm sure that mucus came from her lungs..

Try this set and get more than you can imagine!!

Set Includes: 32oz Bottles of:

*Sarsaparilla Full Body Detox

*Herbally Lemony Green Detox

*Elderberry Detox

*Womb Detox