Herbal Parasite Detox Program
Herbal Parasite Detox Program

Herbal Parasite Detox Program

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You aren't really Detoxed unless you have killed the worms!

I know right, gross, but, better out than in...

Worms lay their eggs, their dead and their waste in your body and affect everything from your skin to your brain function, bloating, weight loss, attention span and happiness to their movements and life rhythms!

Get on your own rhythms, by removing them from your organs, blood stream, womb and brain.

They drag you down and they Grandmothers knew it and had a regular system in keeping your body "Purged" from them.

Clean our your entire family!

With this program you will receive: (no substitutions)

1- 32 oz Big Kidz Kleanze

1-Parasite Fiber Dewormer

1- Enzymes


1- 32oz-Sarsaparilla Full Body Detox

1-Herbal Detox Soap