Tranquil Menopause Program

Tranquil Menopause Program

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We believe that programs are better because you are able to establish a good foundation and the entire program works together to restore what is missing in your system.

There is no 1 (ONE) thing that you can take to relieve all of the symptoms of Menopause.

And there is no reason to continue what got you to this place.

Do something different to get something different in your body!

  Taking herbs are foods and we need different foods at different times.

You receive in this program:

* Herbally Lemony Green or Sarsaparilla Full Body Detox. 32oz

* BStress Vitamins -150

*Digestive Enzymes

*Herbal Phenomenon -150 vcaps Moves old waste from bowels and constipation

*Ultimo 44  150vcaps  A great Antioxidant Multi vitamin that gives energy and helps with many other body sluggishness issues.

Other suggestions:

-Eliminate Coffee. Drink Herbal Tea instead.

-Wear natural fabrics like Cotton, Hemp. Totally stop using cheap fabrics that are shiny because they don't allow the body to breathe or air to circulate.

-Wear Cotton panties and check that your size is correct, fuller is better. No tight clothes, jeans, t's, more room is better.

-Eat more Greens! And more whole, natural foods, let go of the drive-thru food and eating out.

-Exercise daily. Walk, Yoga, Zumba, Swim, Bike. 

-Tell folks "No!"  Get some of that stress off of you.  Do what you like. Time for you!