Transformations & Testimonials
Transformations & Testimonials
Transformations & Testimonials

Transformations & Testimonials

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"On Your Program...I'm working so hard to maintain. I want those balls to go away.

Thank You! -S.W-Jaxville


"I have known and worked with Dr. Eshe since I was in my early 20's, when I started struggling with debilitating fibroids.

I am 40 now and I no longer have fibroids and my health is much better that it was when I was younger. Dr. HerbSistah's  tonics were a huge help to me back when  had the fibroids, but unfortunately due to a prolonged period of financial strain and chronic stress, I was unable to continue with her products.  During this time the fibroids grew to an unbearable size and I decided to have a myomectomy, so I could finally put all that discomfort and disease behind me. Most women who have that procedure continue to struggle with fibroids but that was not what happened in my case.

Following my surgery, I made many lifestyle changes, many of which Dr. Eshe had gently (lol) (which I needed) brought to my attention years before I finally was able to see the truth about some key personal relationships and life patterns that I was habitually choosing that were keeping me sick. I have never suffered that way again in my body since integrating so much of what I learned along my healing journey and throughout the years from Dr. Eshe.  She still checks in on me from time to time and I am always so grateful for her love and care. She truly cares about the health and well-being of her clients and I am so blessed that she has been a part of my life. 

I highly recommend working with her, learning from her, seeking counsel from her and enjoying the many benefits her herbal products offer.  It feels so good to be free of the pain, the drain, the anemia, the belly bulge...all of it!

Thank you Dr. Eshe!!!

-TS, Austin


M.P. is Pregnant!!!

This journey has been what I thought would be long but pretty fast and unexpected! I'm very fulfilled with happiness! I've been waiting years!!! Long years nothing worked NOTHING!! And I was very inconsistent and Impatient I literally took the herbs and a month later I have a positive test!!!!!!! Dr Herb sistah is THE BEST!!!!!!!

M.P. -Atlanta