Wisdom of Our Momma's-Stuff They Wish Told Us!

Wisdom of Our Momma's-Stuff They Wish Told Us!

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How Women are able to get to where we land in Life is with help from our Mothers/Momma's...and that means everything to how we Live our lives.

We have several different women in our Lives that serve in this role for us, if we are Lucky and they all drop the Wisdom that we need at that moment.

If you don't have these women in your Life, that is something you can repair by several different methods and we will cover in this FREE SEMINAR...

So Many women were not nurtured in way that spiritually fed them and they can have a sore spot, a "Mother-Wound", a gaping hole left by being "unmothered", physically and emotionally.

We will share stories, listen to Elders, remember our pain and create and share solutions.

Don't be late!