WombLoveology Your Personal Womb Coaching

WombLoveology Your Personal Womb Coaching

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    • You know you need something more intense and different.
    • You want a more personalized program for a few months to jump-start your womb healing and make sure that it is working! 
    • You need someone that knows your body and understands your mind set and philosophy and will get you where you need to be.
    • You are tired of wasting time on high-priced programs that give you no results.
    • You want a Baby!
    • You have wasted money on other programs that didn't work and they were like, "Bye.."
    • You want someone that genuinely cares about you & your Womb, because you are serious now!
    • Welcome to your serious kick-ass side of you because that's what you will be when you complete this 3 months Journey!
    • You will have all the tools necessary to continue this powerful healing.

    So, This is for you!

    This "Womb Detox Personal Coaching" is for serious Sistahs only.

    We are not playing...we expect results and will do what is necessary to produce them...

    Dr. HerbSistah has empowered thousands of Sistahs to realize their Womb potential thru having babies, creating their business's, stopping the crazy, excessive bleeding, eliminating Fibroids and moving into fully realizing their Lives.

    You can do it too!

    This is a 3 month Journey in which Dr. Eshe will work with you on the details of your Womb Story and help you craft a mission that will allow you to heal.

     Monthly coaching rate is $500.  Details available..