30 Day Sugar Detox-Is Ongoing!! Join us Today!!
30 Day Sugar Detox-Is Ongoing!! Join us Today!!

30 Day Sugar Detox-Is Ongoing!! Join us Today!!

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I personally love this time of the year so much and I made so much food!!

It was my job to taste/eat it all. Every bit.

And during the early, early morning after a particularly munchy night, this entire program came to me during that Twilight time of intuition. I got straight up at 4:21am and started writing!  

I know I need it, you probably do too. Let’s move off the Holiday weight, the whiskey, bourbon, wine & nog sluggishness, pies, cakes & sugar, sugar, sugar!!

This 30-Day Sugar Detox Seminar gives you info that you need and more!!

We want you to get started and so everything is a la carte...(purchased separately)

Purchase the Herbal Parasite Detox Program here:


We start on Monday, January 2nd, 2023-7pEST

And from that point on we will meet on Sunday at 7pmEST, in a private audio classroom.

We gotta get started asap!                                 

All of the other options that we will discuss will be a la carte (purchased separately)

This is what you get with this program!

    *Meal Suggestions & Lifestyle Routine

    *High Protein Diet

    *Free Radicals

    *Reduce Inflammation & Bloating

    *Exercise Plan

    *Reduce Cravings

    *Lose Weight

    If you need specific counseling around your concerns, we offer a discounted Herbal Education Consultation for participants only..for $125